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Hi, I’m Lucy and I’ve been teaching Pilates for over 5 years. I’m a mum to one teenager and 3 fur babies, who sometimes gate-crash my online classes (not the teenager!).

Before Pilates, I suffered with an ongoing niggly backache for over a decade, with several ‘episodes’ when it would just go without warning – absolutely horrendous and never at a convenient time – do you know that feeling? If you do, then you’re going to love Pilates, just as I did when I first tried it – it’s nothing short of bloody amazing!

So you could say I’m passionate about Pilates but not just once a week if you can get off work early enough! I mean regular Pilates and when I say regular, I mean more than just once a week!! If you REALLY want to feel the benefits of Pilates, then once is barely okay, twice will be better but 3 times or more, every week, and you will definitely feel stronger, leaner, more flexible and mindful in a shorter space of time.

I have been pushed into doing online classes due to Coronavirus, but in total honesty, it’s been a real eye-opener. Online Pilates is not the cop-out that I used to think it was! It’s a very realistic way of saving time and money whilst actually getting more Pilates! So please scroll down to check out the options I have for you: Lucy-Pilates Club, Beginners ‘Learn the Method’ or the Pilates 34 Tribe.

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A short online course to teach you the Fundamentals of Pilates – AKA the ‘method’.
A fantastic way to start your Pilates journey! You’ll get life-time access to the content which consists of 6 Pilates Theory videos, a Pilates Principles video, handouts and a Beginners drill session: a 40 minute class so you can put the Theory to the test!

Once you’ve completed this short course, you’ll be ready to move onto the Pilates 34 Tribe or Lucy-Pilates Club and put your new Pilates knowledge into practice.

Lucy-Pilates Club is an online monthly membership. I deliver Pilates classes, through a mixture of Zoom, Facebook LIVE (which is then held in the archives for a couple of weeks so you can do it on demand) and ‘Pot Luck Pilates’.

The Lucy-Pilates Club Facebook group is an amazing group of Pilates fans, just like you! We chat about all sorts of things. Yes, we’re there for the Pilates but also to offer accountability, fun, giggles and just to share the everyday together. It’s definitely more than Pilates.

4 WEEKS interactive

This 4 week course is perfect for you if you have NEVER done Pilates before or if you never fully learned the ‘method’.

The course will be delivered via:
4 x Zoom classes

Support via Private Facebook Group

Online content (videos and handouts)

This is PERFECT for you if:
– You have never done Pilates before or you never really learned the ‘method’
– You want to add low impact strengthening exercise to your life
– you want to have lots of personalised feedback and support whilst you learn
– you want to benefit from small class sizes – only 10 spaces per zoom


Face to face classes are a bit hit and miss at the moment down to the Coronavirus situation. Check in regularly to find out the current situation as I will try to keep the website up to date. At the moment, we are in Lockdown 2.0 so there are no face to face classes running.

You can also find out information about my PAYG scheme and to put your name down on the waiting list.

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