If you’re completely new to Pilates, then this short course is going to give you a detailed introduction to ‘the Method’. In a series of 6 videos, you’ll learn the Fundamentals, together with a video and handouts about the Pilates Principles. 

Please also check out my 4 Week Beginners Course which includes access to this Beginners course content as well as 4 weekly Zoom classes where I’ll teach the technique to a maximum of 10 people at a time. These small class sizes will mean you’re guaranteed to get personalised attention which will increase your learning of the techniques. In addition to all that, you will become a member of a private Facebook group for the duration of the course. Click here for more info and for the next intake dates:

BREATHING: This is soooo important in Pilates – you’ll discover why and how to breath to help you get the best out of the exercises.

THE POWERHOUSE: What is it? How do I find it?

ALIGNMENT: What’s a neutral spine? or the Pilates Box? Learn all about these and more.

MOBILITY v.s STABILITY: What should I be doing when?

PILATES PRINCIPLES: These are what makes Pilates so unique … there’s a whole video on this topic alone as well as a couple of printables.

All these questions, and more, will be covered in the course and you’ll finish the course with a 40 minute session to practise these newly learned skills.

After the course, when you’re ready to take your Pilates journey further – you can either learn the routine of the Pilates 34 mat exercises, or join the Lucy-Pilates Club for regular Pilates classes and healthy lifestyle chat in my online private Facebook group.

The Beginners Course is just £25 and you’ll get life-time access to the content. As the content gets added to or updated, you’ll get these as part of your life-time access.

You are purchasing an online course for a one-off payment of £25.


*Lifetime access to the content on the website. The content consists of 6 Fundamentals videos, 1 Pilates Principles video, printables and Practice video. This may be added to, updated or amended but won’t be less.

You are not allowed to share or copy any of the content. The content may be amended at our discretion but this will only be because it is deemed superior to what is already being made available.

All content is copyright: Lucy Khan t/a Lucy-Pilates & Pilates 34 Tribe.

No refunds are allowed after the start date of the course.

These videos are NOT suitable for those seeking rehab Pilates or if you are recovering from an injury. Please seek advice from your doctor or other healthcare professional if you are in any doubt about whether you are fit to take part. You agree that you take personal responsibility for exercising in a safe manner whilst following these videos.

*Lifetime means the lifetime of the business or my lifetime – whichever ends soonest