‘Zoom into pilates’

Access to Facebook Group now open:

Starts w/c: 18th January 2021

First Zoom sessions:
Tues 19th January at 6pm (10 spaces)
or Thurs 21st January at 10am (10 spaces)

Last Zoom sessions:
Tues 9nd February at 6pm or Thurs 11th February at 10am

Facebook Group closes Tues 16th Feb at 6pm

This 4 week course is perfect for you if you have NEVER done Pilates before or if you never fully learned the ‘method’. Pilates is not rocket science by any stretch of the imagination, but there is a right and a wrong way of doing it …

This is for you if:

  • You have never done Pilates before or you never really learned the ‘method’ and have just winged it
  • You want to add regular exercise & movement into your life
  • You want to have lots of personalised attention and support whilst you learn
  • You can commit to a weekly zoom session (1-1.5 hours) on EITHER Tues evening at 6pm OR Thurs morning at 10am (UK time)
  • You want to benefit from small class sizes – only 10 spaces per time slot

What you will get:

  • 4 Zoom classes, one a week on EITHER a Tues at 6pm or a Thurs at 10am.

Zoom classes are ace – they give me an opportunity to teach you directly so we’ll be going over neutral spine alignment, Pilates breathing, how to set up the body in standing, semi-supine, side-lying and prone, the Pilates Box, shoulder & pelvic stability, basic movement drills to learn about shoulder and pelvic stability whilst mobilising, upper body work, 4-point kneeling work, personalised modifications to enable your matwork for key exercises such as roll up, the hundred etc. – all this will be covered as well as whatever comes up during the live sessions. Zoom classes will be kept small at max of 10 per timeslot.

  • 4 ‘drill’ classes to do at any time, and as many times as you like. One each week, between the Zoom classes.
  • Support and ad hoc teaching through a closed Facebook group for the duration of the course.
  • You’ll also get full access to my online ‘Beginners Course’ content.

Here’s what’s covered in the Beginners Course ‘Learn the Method’ content:

BREATHING: This is soooo important in Pilates – you’ll discover why and how to breath to help you get the best out of the exercises.

THE POWERHOUSE: What is it? How do I find it?

ALIGNMENT: What’s a neutral spine? or the Pilates Box? Learn all about these and more. in the first interactive Zoom class

MOBILITY v.s STABILITY: What should I be doing when?

PILATES PRINCIPLES: These are what makes Pilates so unique … there’s a whole video on this topic alone as well as a couple of printables.

All these questions, and more, will be covered in the online content and you’ll also find a 40 minute session to practise these newly learned skills. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask any questions via Zoom or the Facebook group page … I’m here to help you truly understand the ‘method’ so you can feel confident in your practise going forwards.

After the course, when you’re ready to take your Pilates journey further – you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to join the Lucy-Pilates Club for regular Pilates classes, inspiration, motivation and healthy lifestyle chat in my online private Facebook group.

The Interactive Zoom and Facebook for Beginners Course is just £45 and you’ll get life-time access to the online content. As the content gets added to or updated, you’ll get these as part of your life-time access.

You are purchasing a 4 week online course for a one-off payment of £45.


Zoom is an app that is free for you to use. You’ll need access to the internet and a tablet or laptop for the best set up. I’m happy to advise if you’re not sure about setting up.

You must attend the classes at your given time – you will either be in the Tuesday 6pm class or the Thurs 10am class. There may be some flexibility but this depends on numbers.

After the 4 weeks are up, you will be removed from the Facebook group and all content will be inaccessible EXCEPT for the content on the website. You will still have *lifetime access to that.

*Lifetime access to the content on the website. The content consists of 6 Fundamentals videos, 1 Pilates Principles video, printables and Practice video. This may be added to, updated or amended but won’t be less.

You are not allowed to share or copy any of the content. The content may be amended at our discretion but this will only be because it is deemed superior to what is already being made available.

All content is copyright: Lucy Khan t/a Lucy-Pilates & Pilates 34 Tribe.

No refunds are allowed after the start date of the course.

These videos are NOT suitable for those seeking rehab Pilates or if you are recovering from an injury. Please seek advice from your doctor or other healthcare professional if you are in any doubt about whether you are fit to take part. You agree that you take personal responsibility for exercising in a safe manner whilst following these videos.

*Lifetime means the lifetime of the business or my lifetime – whichever ends soonest