Corporate Pilates (keep)



Show your staff that you care about their wellbeing by offering corporate Pilates classes in the workplace.

​Benefits for all include increased productivity & staff morale, reduced stress levels and increased wellbeing all round!

A 45 minute whole body lunch-time Pilates session can be delivered to suit all levels of ability. For complete beginners, I have created a set of beginners video to ensure they have a basic understanding of the ‘method’ so everyone can join a mixed ability class safely.

If everyone is a complete beginner, that’s even better! The classes could then start at beginner level and move to improvers mixed ability over time. 

Pilates is the best antidote to the new ‘sitting disease’ that can affect so many office workers. The body is designed to move and Pilates is an incredibly challenging yet enjoyable way of meeting that need. You won’t get sweaty though you will definitely feel you’ve worked out … perfect for the office environment.

Suitable exercise clothing will need to be worn but I will provide all the mats and any other equipment for each class. All you need to provide is a quiet empty space large enough for the number of mats required (max. 10) – a meeting room or suchlike may be suitable.

The next step … 
Please get in touch by email or phone to arrange an initial consultation at your offices. During the no obligation consultation, we can find a suitable location for the class and discuss your requirements so we can tailor a suitable programme for your company. You can expect a 45 minute lunch-time Pilates session to cost around £80 and depending on the amount of space available, class size can be up to 10 mats..