What should I wear and bring to my Pilates class?

Please wear clothing that will allow you to move freely but that isn’t too baggy as I will be looking at your alignment during the session.

You can exercise in bare feet or socks with grips on the soles (with toes or without).

Since 2020 onwards, you are now asked to bring your own mat. You’ll need a 15mm Pilates mat rather than a thin yoga mat, as it is designed to cushion you during the specific Pilates exercises.

Please make sure you complete the Medical Form, either online or in paper form.

Also, a bottle of water is great to keep you hydrated throughout.

I have a bad back ... can Pilates fix it?

Pilates can work wonders for generalised back pain caused by our sedentary lifestyles.

It is also great when used for rehabilitation after an operation or injury. However, if this is the case, you may benefit from some one-to-one sessions to address your specific issues. The class is more of a general workout rather than a specific programme for individual issues.

How much does it cost?


Beginners Pilates Theory course: £25 for life-time access

Face to face and Zoom classes are the equivalent to £8 per class when booked up in advance or £10 PAYG.

Why are class sizes limited?

Pilates is a very precise and controlled exercise method and correct body alignment is key to getting the most out of your Pilates practice. Therefore, class sizes have to be limited so I can check and adjust you individually during the exercises, if you need it.

Also some venues allow more participants than others.

I'm a total beginner or I haven't done Pilates for ages ... is it still okay to join a class?

All my classes (both Lucy-Pilates Club and face-to-face) are mixed ability and so the exercises are offered with different layers to suit all different abiities.

Why not do my Beginners Pilates Theory course before joining a class: £15 for lifetime access.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online app that allows me to see you, and you to see me, during online interactive classes. It is free for you to use and really easy to set up. You’ll need a laptop or tablet, rather than a phone, and enough space to get the whole of your mat on camera.

I am more than happy to help you get set up (tho I’m no technical whizz) and once you’ve done it once, it’ll be easy-peasy!