Whether you’ve had a baby or not, I’m sure you can imagine how I’m feeling … I have lived, eaten and breathed this new venture since conception about 5 weeks ago (okay, so it’s not quite 9 months … it flipping feels like it though!) and I have been sitting at the computer editing video, writing copy, populating the pages and not getting enough exercise for the last week or so, and so now I’m practically waddling!!

This baby is a big one!!! 

I began videoing about 4 weeks ago, there’s still heaps to do, but I’ve got enough (and a bit more) for the launch of the first section. I’ve decided to break the 34 down into sections so it is more easily digested. The idea being that you get the first 8 under your belt, confident in the Pilates method and happy with the levels that are right for you to work at, before opening up the next section. Each section will bring new challenges so it’s worth being patient and creating a regular practice habit before  adding to the load!

I had this idea during Lockdown – a combination of necessity (no classes) and having seen how successful online fitness learning can be – it was easy to come up with the idea. I just thought, ‘what would I like to learn?!’ The original 34 exercises are such a wonderful whole body workout by themselves and it’s so satisfying to be able to get a mat out, wherever and whenever I want, and do a half hour or so of focused, choreographed exercise .. the only thinking needed, being on the quality of my movements, not having to count too much and just enjoying the movement.

I have no idea how well the Pilates 34 Tribe ‘thing’ is going to be received … I’m slightly nervous as I’ve invested so much time (and a fair bit of money) but more than that, I’ve really put my all into this!! I’m excited too … this could really become ‘something’! I’d love that! The idea of going online every day to interact in the Facebook group with enthusiastic Tribe members … that really will be living my dream!

So just thought I’d pop this post up, a record of my thoughts as I’m on the verge of launching (a week’s time maybe?!? I’m feeling like I really need to push now ). 

Hope to see you in the Tribe …