Hi and welcome
to the Pilates 34 Tribe.

I just want to say a massive ‘Thank you’ for joining us and I hope you have a fantastic Pilates journey, whether that is doing the Original 34 or joining in with the shenanigans of the Facebook group!

Depending on your membership level, you will either have access to the videos on the website and the facebook group, or just access to the facebook group.

All levels will get access to the Resources section of the website, so that is a great place to start! Click the ‘lets go’ button, and you will go straight there.

I’ve put together some ‘sort of instructions’. I say ‘sort of’ because there is more than one way to navigate this website. My ‘sort of instructions’ will give you a good starting point though.

Next on your itinerary should be to take a peek at the Facebook password and then hotfoot it over to the Facebook Group ‘PIlates 34 Tribe’ where you’ll need to ask to be let in!!

From there, it’s all about you and where you want to go next … I will be in and out of the Facebook group daily and getting to know you all so I’m really looking forward to seeing you there shortly (… don’t call me shortly!! ha ha)

Best wishes




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