Monthly membership features:

On the Website:

Tribe and TribePlus will have all the below features available. TribeLite will only be able to access the Resources on the website.

  • Guided access to the Original 34 exercises. Sectioned into manageable chunks of 6-8 exercises at a time, you’ll learn the level of each exercise appropriate to your own fitness level and the transitions that lead to a smooth flowing repertoire.
  • Library of 80+ preparation exercises. These are exercises that have been specifically chosen to help you achieve a particular Original 34 exercise.
  • Pilates Theory to learn the ‘method’. At the time of writing, there are 6 videos specifically on the different elements of the Method. What is the Pilates Box? How do you find your Neutral Spine? What is the Powerhouse? All these, and more, will be answered in this section and you can refer back again and again until they become second nature.
  • Library of Pilates Classes: In this section, you will find pre-recorded Pilates classes to do, in addition to your regular Original 34 practice. The library will be continually added to and will include classes with various lengths, themes and focus’ so there will be something for everyone. 
  • Resources: Other resources such as a Practice Record Sheet and a poster to help with your regular Pilates practice.


Private Facebook Group:

  • You’ll be invited to join the Pilates34Tribe closed facebook group – here you’ll mingle with like-minded Pilates fans with new content added regularly such as weekly live Pilates classes or stretching classes. You can share your successes, your experiences and learn from each other. I will be reading each and every post, joining in to offer advice, hints & tips and creating relevant content on the fly to suit members needs.
  • Interaction with your Tribe: Pilates 30 day challenges and other motivational Pilates based challenges (e.g. Teaser in 7 days)  will be a fun and interactive option for those who like a bit of competition.

1-2-1 sessions on Zoom:

Personal guidance: To really get the most out of your practice, 30 minute 1-2-1 Zoom sessions with me, Lucy, to check your technique, offer corrections and guidance based on your personal requirements. TribePlus membership includes one session every month and is amazing value!

Tribe and TribeLite members can also take a 30 minute1-2-1 Zoom session whenever they need that extra bit of help but this will be an extra charge. There will be loads of opportunity to get feedback on the Facebook group as another option. 

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