4 wk Beginners

‘Zoom into Pilates’:


Password: Handstand 4

Click the button left, to go to the Facebook group before you do anything else! Then you can come back here to start studying the video content below.

The online content includes 6 Pilates Theory videos to learn the fundamentals of Pilates, Princples of Pilates and some Practise Drill videos. So much of Pilates is learned as you actually do it, so please work through the tutorial videos, preferably in the order displayed, as well as regularly testing out the theory doing the Practise Drill videos which will be delivered via the Facebook group. You’ll also have the 4 weekly Zoom classes – the links to which will also be in the Facebook group – have you done that yet?

Once you complete the course, you will be able to take part in any Pilates classes with total confidence, whether that be a face-to-face class nearby to you, or you might like to join the Lucy-Pilates Club where you’ll get regular weekly Pilates classes online with me and you can do as many classes as you like for one monthly subscription.


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