Apologies for the waffley video – you wouldn’t believe what number take that was and I just ended up losing the will in the end … at least it’s up but honestly, if you don’t want to listen to it, just read the blurb below!!

Online Pilates is here to stay and so is Lucy-Pilates! When you become a Pilates 34 Tribe member, you will join a fabulous Facebook group where I deliver Pilates classes multiple times a week. There will be at least two Zoom sessions, which are completely interactive and very similar to a real live class! I also stream a class LIVE to the facebook group which is then available for a week or so to do on catchup – this means you can either do it again and again or just do it at a time that suits you. There will also be a couple of Pot-luck Pilates sessions where you’ll get a class from the archives, streamed through to the group.

There will also be regular challenges and a bit of fun and giggles along the way 🙂

Monthly membership is £20 pcm. No tie ins, you can cancel at anytime, no questions asked, but I hope you won’t!

Here are 10 reasons why you should give this option some serious consideration:

I KNOW MY STUFF: I ummed and ahhed about putting this in at all and then decided to put it in FIRST!  As one of my lovely members said in a recent review “Lucy really knows her stuff!”

I’ve been teaching as my main job for 5 years now and I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to Pilates – or most things if I’m honest! I like to know the why’s and wherefore’s about stuff and I like to pass it on. You’ll get lots of handy tips thrown in throughout and I’m always happy to go that extra mile if you’re struggling with something. 

EASY TO SET UP: As long as you can ‘do Facebook’ you can join my Club! Most of the classes are delivered via Zoom which is a piece of cake to set up, and free for you to use. You simply click on the link for the class that I’ll post up on Facebook and it will take you there. If you have any issues at all, I will happily talk you through the set up and once you’ve done it the first time, it will be easy peasy to do it again!

SAVE MONEY: Online Pilates is nearly always going to be cheaper than joining a gym or a Pilates studio, or even attending a weekly class in your local village hall. Pilates 34 Tribe membership is just £20 a month. A weekly class face to face would cost you either £32 or £40 pcm depending on length of the month!

CONVENIENT: Save time on not having to travel to your class or gym. You can either join in on a live Zoom class (or the LIVE class on the Facebook group) or you can do the weekly class at any time to suit you – perfect if you work funny hours (and I don’t mean funny-haha!)

CHILD FRIENDLY: As in, you can do your Pilates while your baby or toddler naps or during school/nursery hours when you NEED to be giving yourself some me-time!

MOTIVATIONAL: I will be there, every week, to motivate you and encourage you to do the weekly class AT LEAST ONCE! I advocate that once is great, twice is better but thrice is sooooooo much better and you will definitely feel more benefit and faster results.

CONFIDENCE BOOSTING: If you feel intimidated by the gym, then you will LOVE online classes. No-one can see you during the online Zoom classes once we get started as I ‘spotlight’ myself. This means you see a thumbnail of yourself and a LARGE version of me (lucky you eh?!?) 

NON-SWEATY: Well, this is not always true – sometimes you will build up a bit of a glow as you move through the exercises, but most of my classes are fairly evenly paced. You will definitely work yourself, don’t get me wrong, but you won’t be jumping about like a loon, building up unnecessary sweat and red face. That means you can jump onto your next zoom call without having to spend ages getting ready! Perfect for WFH lunchtimes.

ALL LEVELS CATERED FOR: All my classes are mixed ability so you’ll find that I layer up the exercises. This means you can start at lower levels if need be, and progress to the more challenging layers as you get stronger. If you’re a complete beginner, you might be interested in taking my Beginners Course first.

COMMUNITY: The Tribe is more than just Pilates exercise … using a Facebook private group creates a supportive community to engage with. My vision is that members will feel encouraged and increasingly motivated to improve and then maintain a healthy lifestyle and a friendly community will be key to achieving that. 

Please sign up today and take the leap into online Pilates with me … it’s so much more than just Pilates but Pilates is a great place to start .. I can’t wait to welcome you to the Tribe.

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You must complete and submit the medical questionnaire before taking part in any of the Pilates classes. Details of how to do this will be available in the Facebook Group. Please seek advice from your doctor or other healthcare professional if you are in any doubt about whether you are fit to take part. These classes will not be suitable for total beginners, those seeking rehab Pilates or if you are recovering from an injury.

If you are a Beginner, you’ll want to complete my Beginner’s ‘Learn the Method’ Course first to ensure you can do Pilates exercises safely.