How are you all doing? I’m not very good at updating my Blog but I thought I should do seeing as we’re nearing the end of this flipping awful year!

Well, I say awful as it has been, but it’s also been a challenging year and one that’s required a lot of growth and adaptation for a lot of us. For me, that has been going on-line with my business and that’s been a bit up and down in terms of success.

My Lucy-Pilates Club has been enthusiastically welcomed by my lovely members and continues to thrive – could do with more members of course – but I’m really happy with how it’s developing.

I’ve got another option that I’m opening up to the Club members and that’s my Pot Luck Pilates. This is in addition to the 2 Zoom classes, 1 Live class which is then available to do ‘on demand’ at any time that suits you, motivation, challenges, banter and my favourite, #FridayFunny weekly post.

What is Pot Luck Pilates? It’s a chance to revisit a class from the archives and to make it feel more like a ‘real’ class, it will pop up in the feed at a set time (currently Weds evening at 6pm and Saturday morning at 10am) and will stay up for just 2 hours before I will delete it … so you have to be there on time or you’ll miss out (just like a real class see?!?)

As a Lucy-Pilates Club member, you can do any or ALL of the Pilates classes I’ve just mentioned above so for your £20pcm, you can get daily Pilates if you like!! It’s up to you to make the most of your membership but we’ll all be there to encourage participation! 

So Pot Luck Pilates – now you know what it is, why not give it a go in the Lucy-Pilates Club.