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13: One Leg Kick

Don’t be fooled by this exercise, it is definitely NOT a rest break! Doing the ‘Leg Lengthening Prep’ exercise first, will help you find space through the hip and really get to work on strengthening those hamstrings.

The Hamstrings extend the hip and flex the knee in activities such as walking and running in daily life, so it’s important to keep them strong. The One Leg Kick exercise also works your powerhouse and helps you practice keeping your abdominals lifted, chest open and shoulders stable.

If you have knee issues, you can make it more of a pulse than a kick.

Transition: Lie out prone, onto the mat, turn your head so you rest on one cheek, keeping both legs out long. Hands can be placed on top of the other, on the small of your back, or higher, ready to do Double Leg Kick.

Please ensure that you exercise safely and if you have any doubts, please get medical advice from your healthcare professional before exercising with this video. If your health has changed since you completed the PAR-Q (Medical Questionnaire) when you first joined the Pilates 34 Tribe, please let me know. x