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2: The Roll Up

The Roll Up is the second exercise in the series and is a top to toe stretch of the back of the body. Once you master the full Roll Up, you start to really enjoy the benefits of spine mobility and core strength!

If you find your legs lifting, simply bend the legs and use your hands behind your thighs to help pull you up (or use a band around the feet), focusing on drawing the Belly to Spine to peel your spine away from the mat and press your heels into the mat.

If you find you can’t get up without whooshing yourself up with the arms, then continue to use a small towel under the lower back to help you get traction on the ascent or return to Half Roll Backs to build more abdominal strength. Also, include some Cat & Cow stretches to encourage spinal mobility through the whole of the spine (in particular the lumbar area). 

Transition: Roll down fully onto the mat, keep the legs bent and arms resting down by your sides, ready to go into the Roll Over.