Sort of Instructions

To learn the Original 34, there are a number of ways you can approach this and this will depend somewhat on how you like to learn.

I have laid out a suggested path below but this is not the only way – but it will help you understand the layout of the website so you can find your own path.

I would suggest you start by watching the videos in the Pilates Theory section, especially if you are new to Pilates. Work your way through those, revisit them as often as you like and take a look at the supporting information in the Resources section.

Next, you could start on the Original 34 section. These exercises have been broken down into manageable chunks – only the First 8 are available on point of registration.

Starting with the first one, the Hundred, click the image and you will find yourself on a page with the video of the full exercise on the left, and in the right hand column, a selection of modified versions of the same exercise, plus a selection of preparation exercises to help you with that particular exercise.

Depending on your fitness level, you could start with the modified versions (Level 1 or 2) and work your way up to the full version, practising the recommended preparation exercises along the way!

You might want to introduce yourself to the Tribe with a post or go live via Facebook, share your progress, pick each others brains … interaction is fully encouraged! There will be loads going on in the Facebook group – weekly live-streamed mixed ability Pilates classes, Pilates chat and support, challenges to join in with or start one of your own. I will read each and every post and join in too.

This is an ideal time to get your first Zoom session booked in. (Don’t forget, if you are TribePlus, you can’t roll the zoom sessions over, so book it up at the very least!)

If you want to work on a particular area (e.g. core strength or legs or posture), you can select suitable exercises using the tag cloud. This is found underneath the list of supporting videos in the right hand column of each page.

Once you have got the First 8 of the original 34 under your belt, then just let me know and I will open up the next section. 

To do this, just send an email to or let me know via messenger or facebook, and I can open up the next block for you. This isn’t automated at the moment so it does require a manual click of a button from me! I will always acknowledge once it’s been done so please nudge me if you don’t hear from me! Human error is always a possiblity!  

There are 5 sections in all to complete the full 34 … take your time and really get to know each exercise, all the nuances and focus on applying the Pilates Principles to each one.

Above all, try to practise regularly, once a week is okay, but 3 times a week is better! If you can manage a daily practice, then you’ll be a strong and flexible superstar before you know it! You’ll find a Practice Record Sheet in Resources, which is a great way to record your progress through the Original 34. 

Above all else, have fun and make this time for yourself! As Joseph Pilates said: ” If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old … if your spine is completely flexible at 60, you are young!!”

Catch you in the Tribe ..

Lucy xxx