It’s a bit battered & god knows what happened on day 30 but I’ve completed my Move34 sheet EVERY DAY & tomorrow is the last day!! It’s been a bit of a journey! I now walk 10k steps EVERY DAY & I’ve lost 3.5lbs without really trying – win win all the way! The Move34 challenge is totally optional but can be a great tool to use if there’s some aspect of your life you want to improve on! I run the challenge regularly for my Pilates34Tribe Facebook group & when you’re accountable to the tribe, you have a better chance of completing your challenge! I will miss completing the sheet but I won’t stop doing my 10k steps a day – that fabulous new habit is one I’m going to keep!! Move34 works because you commit to doing something, just one thing, every day … without fail …. & you record it to stay accountable. The power of sharing your sheet with the Tribe helps keep you accountable. By day ten, you will be feeling pretty comfortable with your new fledgling habit .. and by day 34, you’ll be pretty solid with it 😁 What would you like to change with a move 34 challenge? It could be anything, it doesn’t have to be fitness related, think of it as more lifestyle related … comment away (keep it clean 🤣🤣) xxx