Who’s Lucy?


Level 3 Mat Pilates Instructor
qualified in Feb 2017 with FutureFit Training
UK Active’s “Training Provider of the Year 2016”

Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy
qualified in July 2019 with a Merit from the Cotswold Academy.

Professional development:

Pilates with Small Equipment (Aug 2017)
Pilates Exercise Therapy (2017/2018)
HIP Pilates (High Intensity Power Pilates) (Nov 2017)
Pre and Post Pregnancy Pilates (July 2018)
Seated Accupressure Massage (July 2018)

In the pipeline …

John Gibbons BodyMaster Diploma
will complete in 2020 (Covid-19 update: or maybe a bit later now …. :-()

Level 3 Mat Pilates Teacher

Pilates: Small Equipment Certificate

Pilates 34 Tribe: online community

A little about me …

Originally from Sarf London, I’ve lived in many different places including Japan which was amazing. I have one daughter and 3 cats (sometimes i wish it was the other way round but then again, sometimes I don’t lol).

After being round the world once, I’ve been settled in Banbury for over 15 years now.

I’ve had a few different work hats in my time: I was a graphic designer for over 20 years; Energy Assessor; Social Media Executive and now, I feel like I’ve found my true vocation for where I am now in life … Pilates Instructor.

I’ve always been interested in keeping fit and healthy but I only discovered Pilates a few years ago. However, I was amazed at how quickly I managed to clear up my terribly persistent constant lower back pain … there’s no going back once you discover something like that and so I decided to make it my career and help spread the Pilates magic (sorry if that’s too cheesy!!!)

My style of teaching is part classical and part functional – by that I mean, I tend to teach the classical Pilates exercises with a couple of functional exercises thrown in. The classical Pilates exercises can be taught with modifications that means almost anyone can perform them at some level. In time, as you get stronger and more body aware, you can progress to performing the exercise as Joseph Pilates intended.

So, for now, I’m looking forward to where this Pilates journey will take me next … 

UPDATE Jan 2020: So having taken a Sports Massage course and qualified as L3, I am now working towards becoming a BodyMaster Practitioner … this has really piqued my interest and will enable me to run a clinic to assess and treat clients presenting with pain and reduced movement through the back, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles etc caused by muscular and postural imbalances or as a result of strains or sprains. Watch this space 🙂

UPDATE June 2020: So still in the midst of Lockdown where Pilates classes have been stopped until further notice (rightfully so). I’ve spent the last 4-5 weeks creating an all singing-all dancing website with the theme of Learning the Original 34 Pilates repertoire – they all flow into one challenging whole body workout. Check out the page for more information on the Pilates34Tribe (it’s so much more than just a website!) and then sign up if fancy a new Pilates challenge!

UPDATE Oct 2021: My Pilates34Tribe as an online course is not a thing anymore. The Pilates34Tribe as a Facebook group will remain though as I really enjoy running this online community with a focus on Pilates, Health and Well-being … so please feel free to join in on Facebook here : Pilates34Tribe